by Stephen Garner

Verishop is embracing social commerce via a new social media-inspired experience unveiled on its iOS app on Tuesday. The new experience, exclusive to the online retailer’s iOS app, makes content shoppable with the help of artificial intelligence technology.

“We’ve spent the past year refining our platform to be a place where customers can find a delightful shopping experience and where brands can reach new customers without damaging their brand value,” said Imran Khan, co-founder and CEO of Verishop. “Today, we are bringing discovery and entertainment to the forefront of our iOS app with a new social media-inspired feed of photos and videos that recommends products based on the content you like.”

From lifestyle and e-commerce photos to educational and entertaining videos, Verishop is using computer vision technology and its shopping recommendations engine to make content shoppable — with not only the featured product but also similar options in case one of those catches your eye.

The new experience is meant to bring entertainment to online shopping for Verishop’s millennial customers, while keeping the purchasing process seamless. As of now, the retailer is starting with content from its brand partners and select style experts and influencers. In the coming months, it will be opening the experience for users to add their own photos and videos.

For brands, this will enable them to share their stories with Verishop users who come to the retailer with a discovery and shopping intent. “We believe a brand is a promise and every brand has a story to tell,” added Khan. “With this new experience, the brands on Verishop will have a unique space to illustrate what they are all about.”