by MR Magazine Staff



I read about the new Michael Strahan collection this morning, sounded great. Boy was I disappointed when I went to the JCP website. Not in the product, it looks great; Michael is a sharp dresser. Yes, I am a bit disappointed that none of the pieces come in size 60 as the article said, but that is not what bothered me the most. What bothered me the most is that on introduction day, the entire collection was 40-50 percent off. The prices on the tickets were blatant lies to deceive the customer. Do they not have enough faith in the product that the need to be discounting from day one? An opening special at 20 percent off I understand, but 50 percent off the suit separates already – something smells like yesterday’s fish. Total deception.

I will guess that at no point this year will the product ever be at “regular price.” Such a shame. Perhaps Penney’s could sell the product at higher prices if they hired a few sales experts to sell the product. Macy’s is no different, or Bon Ton right down the list. If the department store becomes extinct, it will be by their own deceptive practices.

I have to go now, I saw an ad on TV offering me four suits for the price of one! Who can resist that bargain?!

Don Gibson, Owner, Little Dog Sales Agency

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