by Stephen Garner
Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh has unveiled a new mentorship series, “Free Game.” This new series comes in response to the ongoing injustices posed against the Black community, and the disparities in opportunities available to them particularly in the careers where Abloh himself has personally experienced success.

“Free Game” will provide mentorship and a step-by-step guide to building a brand, based on Abloh’s own experience and the very steps he took to find his footing in the creative world. The goal of this resource is to uplift more than a few and to continue to open doors for those that come from the fringe and help them be awarded opportunities usually left for the center. Ultimately ensuring that the future looks different from the past.

“As part of my long-standing initiative to see design, art, and culture more inclusive to young Black designers and those coming from non-traditional backgrounds, I wanted to assist in providing the means for them to advance on the road to ownership of their ideas and brands,” said Abloh. “I am launching this organic platform for widespread access to information and mentorship. The exact notions and tools that I used to formulate my career open to all. For free. I will continuously be updating this page with the aim of the betterment of all-access knowledge.”

The step-by-step program to starting a brand from zero, now available on, will be accompanied by insight from friends of Abloh, including other artists and thinkers, on how they found success in their own ways. The “How To” format is accompanied by additional resources, lectures, and other learning tools, along with insight into Abloh’s personal mentors. Along the way, footnotes from Abloh bring light to his own sentiments and personal experiences.

“Free Game” derives from the spirit of the Virgil Abloh “Post Modern” Scholarship Fund, launched earlier this year, with its mission statement being to supply black students an education in fashion via fundraising and mentorship in partnership with the Fashion Scholarship Foundation.