Virtual And Augmented Reality Become Realistic Revenue Generators

by MR Magazine Staff

With all these emerging platforms for AR and VR, there of course needs to be a way to advertise. Enter Trivver. The company is creating a platform for brands to bid on advertising opportunities to advertise their products on multiple 3D and 2D digital platforms, such as mobile, web, VR and AR platforms. Because virtual environments are so immersive, traditional digital advertising methods can be too intrusive. Instead, VR advertising will likely evolve into product placements, much like in movies or TV shows, but instead you will see a can of Coca-Cola on a table within your VR experience. Right now, this type of advertising is costly because ads need to be developed for each individual application. Trivver has developed 3D interactive smart objects that can be placed into online games, VR Real Estate, VR Stores, digital videos, digital-TV content or mobile apps. Its technology personalizes apps and gaming environments with branded objects that are relevant to the consumer, while providing real-time analytics on metrics such as engagement and conversion to the client. As VR and AR gain more and more traction in various industries, advertisers will continue to find innovative ways to reach consumers as VR and AR attract more marketing spend. Read more at Forbes.