by Stephen Garner

California-based lifestyle brand Volcom has introduced the Volcom Stone Made design philosophy with the launch of its fall 2016 jeans and chinos collection. With its deep roots in skateboarding and using history as a guide, Volcom has taken the last 25 years of designing pants and modernized every detail to create a line of jeans and chinos made from high quality materials and construction methods while maintaining the brand’s key signature details.

Designed in collaboration with Volcom’s skate team and America’s foremost manufacturer of high quality denim, Cone Denim, Volcom Stone Made jeans feature stretch, anti-microbial, durability, and water resistance properties.

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Staying true to this philosophy, Volcom’s chinos program also received the Volcom Stone Made treatment with the introduction of two new styles: the Gritter and the Stranger. Boasting similar anti-microbial, durability and water resistance attributes as Volcom jeans, these chinos are built to wear easier and last longer.

This year marks Volcom’s 25th year as American’s first boarding company as well as the 125th year of Cone Denim’s existence of America’s premiere denim maker.