Walmart Is Reportedly Raising Online Prices

by MR Magazine Staff

Walmart is quietly raising its online prices for key consumer goods including boxed macaroni and cheese, toothbrushes and pet food, sources familiar with the policies told The Wall Street Journal. The policy, in general, isn’t unheard of — it’s commonplace at Costco and elsewhere, the Journal notes — but it’s somewhat rare for Walmart, whose basic pitch to shoppers is “always low prices.” The retail giant earlier this year announced lower prices for online shoppers picking up orders in stores, and the Journal’s report is a reflection of that new policy, according to a Walmart spokesperson. “We always work to offer the best price online relative to other sites,” the spokesperson said in an email. “Our online prices are sometimes different than our store’s prices – some items are priced lower and some are priced higher.” Read more at Retail Dive.