Walmart’s Store No. 8 Showcases The Future Of VR

by MR Magazine Staff

At a location nestled between mansions in Beverly Hills, CA, guests of the Store No. 8 INNOV8 v-commerce gala were ushered into a sleek black van with a plush L-shaped couch and a TV streaming a video of what was in store at the end of the ride. Attendees were met with a row of golf carts, which drove them down a winding path surrounded by palm trees, ambient music and smoke machines. Women in long dresses and men in suits made their way down a stone path to Wednesday’s main event — a virtual reality showcase hosted on the tennis court of The Sheats Goldstein Residence, an iconic Los Angeles property owned by real estate mogul James F. Goldstein, known for his flamboyant attire (which did not disappoint). It was a far cry from Bentonville, AR with waiters passing out cheese stick lollipops and button-sized quinoa quesadillas. Read more at Retail Dive.