by Stephen Garner

Warby Parker has launched its first-ever brand of daily contacts.

Called Scout by Warby Parker, the new range offers comfortable, breathable, and affordable daily contact lens that comes in a space-saving flat pack. (And it uses almost 80 percent less packaging than traditional contact packs.) The flat-pack design is also more hygienic in that it presents the outer surface of the lens facing up, reducing the need to touch the inner surface (i.e., you’re less likely to transfer bacteria and debris into your eye).

The lenses are made from a moist material that resists drying for lasting hydration and comfort—and they incorporate Centraform technology, which results in a smooth edge design that reduces the likelihood you’ll feel the lens in your eye.

Interested customers can request a trial that includes six days’ worth of the brand’s daily contacts in their prescription. Once they’re ready to purchase more, customers can order a three-month supply for only $110 ($55 per eye; comparable quality daily lenses cost around $150 for a three-month supply.) A three-month supply of Scout includes two 90 packs, which each arrive in a compact box made from recycled materials used in the lens manufacturing process.

“We’re constantly asking ourselves how we can better serve our customers—and, at the same time, innovate within our industry to make products and services easier for everyone,” said Warby Parker co-founder and co-CEO Dave Gilboa. “We recognized that a sizable percentage of our customers also wear contact lenses, which meant they had to visit different doctors and eyewear stores to fulfill all of their vision needs. The addition of Scout really puts us in a position of being a one-stop-shop.”

Added co-founder and co-CEO Neil Blumenthal, “This is the first time we’re launching a new brand within Warby Parker—it’s a tremendous milestone for our team. As we approached the launch of Scout, it was essential to us that the product be affordable, comfortable, and high quality. We took our time developing the perfect contact lens experience for our customers and are excited to have it out in the world.”

In addition to launching Scout, Warby Parker has announced it will also be carrying a variety of other contact lens brands—available both online and in stores—that correct a range of prescriptions. This means customers can shop for eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contacts at the same time, plus get a comprehensive eye exam and contact lens fitting at select locations.