Warm & Wonderful
by Stephen Garner
Warm & Wonderful

Warm & Wonderful, known for its legendary red sheep sweater famously worn by Princess Diana, is making its presence known once again for the fall/winter 2021 season.

Originally founded in 1979 by Joanna Osborne and Sally Muir, Warm & Wonderful sold its original sheep design sweaters from a market stall in London’s Covent Garden before opening several shops in the ’80s and ’90s. Its sweaters were sold in department stores all over the world in the ’80s, and one of its sheep sweaters is in the permanent collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum. More recently, Warm & Wonderful has enjoyed a renaissance, making an appearance on Netflix’s The Crown and countless Diana documentaries, and collaborating with New York-based brand Rowing Blazers to bring back the original sheep sweater for the first time in some thirty years.

Now, buoyed by the renewed interest in Diana’s style more generally, and the sheep sweater in particular, Warm & Wonderful is launching its first e-commerce site, a collection of new products, and a pop-up shop in London’s fashionable Seven Dials district, which is a stone’s throw away from its original market stall. The pop-up shop, at 55 Monmouth Street, London, will run from Thursday, October 21st through the holidays, and represents Warm & Wonderful’s first retail location since the ’90s.

“We’re very excited to have a shop again, especially so close to Covent Garden, where we first started — long before we could afford a proper shop,” said Osborne and Muir. “And we’re excited to be bringing back some of our favourite colours. Red is the most famous, thanks to Diana, but the very first sheep jumper we made was actually green, like the grass. Pink and blue were very popular in the early days as well. It’s like we’ve come full circle, forty years later.”

The new Warm & Wonderful collection will re-introduce additional colors of the famous sheep sweater, now available in red, green, light blue, and pink; as well as children’s sweaters and a range of other apparel and accessories, most notably a fleece jacket, pajamas, knitted scarves, and beanies.

The Warm & Wonderful collection retails between $20 and $365 and is now available at warmandwonderful.com. The collection will also be available at Rowing Blazers and Liberty London.

Warm & Wonderful


  1. When I owned CashmereinC. in Greenwich CT, working with Joanna and Sally was pure delight. Wishing them all the best and much, well deserved success!

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