The Weeknd Brings His ‘Instinctive’ Style To New H&M Collaboration

by MR Magazine Staff

His music is a staple on the catwalk, he performs at the most stylish parties and he’s famously rocked the Victoria’s Secret runway two years in a row. So it was only a matter of time before the Weeknd (né Abel Tesfaye) made his official crossover into the fashion industry. The musician fronts H&M’s new Spring Icons campaign, tapped by the brand to curate a complete wardrobe of essential streetwear pieces including hoodies, loose T-shirts, bomber jackets and tailored trousers. “My personal style is very instinctive – I wear what feels right,” he tells PeopleStyle exclusively. “It’s casual, and often very understated, but I always care about what I’m wearing. There’s always a decision that’s been made. It’s interesting to see how menswear has changed this century, and how sports and streetwear has become a natural part of menswear. As this has happened, the pieces have become more elevated, with more care and attention in their design. If I look back, I can see how my own style has become more focused and specific, but at the same time more personal and relaxed.” See more at Essence.