Welcome To A Cashless Future Where Retailers Recognise Our Faces

by MR Magazine Staff

The coming years will see many changes in how we use money and make payments. Technology is making possible a world where payments will increasingly be digital, mobile and even borderless. For retailers and businesses of all kinds, this may have major implications for how their companies operate. All entrepreneurs should keep an eye on the future of payments. Tony Craddock is the director-general of the Emerging Payments Association (EPA). Members include the hot new fintech companies ushering in this new age. Craddock predicts that in the future payments will “cease to exist” from the consumer’s perspective, as technology creates processes so seamless and automated that we won’t need to think about paying. “We will go into a retailer and they will recognise us, either through our face print, voice or thumb print. We’ll pick the goods we need, leave the store and money will leave our accounts. That’s not paying, that’s a pleasure,” he says. Read more at The Guardian.