Welcome To The Age Of Me Merch

by MR Magazine Staff

Beloved bars and restaurants close all the time in New York, but when our favorite bar unexpectedly shuttered at the end of last July, only five short months after it opened, my friends and I were extremely bummed. The floor was designed to look like a basketball court! It had a framed Metta World Peace jersey! There was a Velvet Rope–era poster of Janet Jackson hanging by the door! Also, there was beer. We talked about the fact that it had closed constantly, but when we realized we were still talking about it six months, ten months, then more than a year later, we decided enough was enough. We had to do something. No, not raise money to reopen the bar. Come on. The only thing for us to do was to make some unauthorized merch. It took three hours of scrupulous brainstorming between friends to design the clip-art-heavy, long-sleeve tee we made to honor The Low Post—and we only ordered ten of them. Read more at GQ.