Welcome To The New Golden Age Of Fashion Advertising

What’s a fashion essential? The trench coat? The chelsea boot? Jordans? The hoodie? That’s all too complicated. To Heron Preston, the maverick who got his start DJing with Virgil Abloh’s Been Trill collective before upshifting to his own pristinely cut workwear? It’s underwear! That’s what Preston zeroed in on for his new collection for Calvin Klein, made up of nearly 100 garments inspired by the brand’s archives—“celebrating the iconic pieces of Calvin Klein,” as Preston put it in an interview earlier this week. Underwear was the apotheosis of Klein’s mission to obsessively distill clothing to its most elemental form. But he didn’t “elevate” underwear through material, with fancy fabrics or high design—he championed undies conceptually, with the iconic images he made to sell it. Preston found the place where his work meets Klein’s. “What we started to discover is this idea of underwear as outerwear,” Preston said. “Conventionally or traditionally, you would wear the underwear next to your skin. We wanted to bring it out on top and use it as a layering piece.” Read more at GQ.