‘We’re Going To Revive It’: How WeWork Wants To Rejuvenate Retail

by MR Magazine Staff

At WeWork’s New York City headquarters last week, 10 companies pitched to get their products on the shelves of a network of in-house stores called WeMRKTs. Up for consideration included bottled gazpacho, spring water packaged with sustainable materials, a wallet that expands with the size of its contents, and other specialty products designed to improve the co-working experience. With its network of 287 locations across 77 cities in 23 countries and 268,000 members, WeWork is angling its physical assets and membership base to become a retailer in its own right. “This retail store is becoming another destination for our community to gather, to talk about the things they love, and be part of different maker’s stories,” said WeWork partner Julie Rice, the SoulCycle co-founder who joined the company last year as chief brand officer. “In a world where retail is dying, the way we’re going to revive it by creating things that are made from the heart, with love [and] with the consideration of the people who want to use them.” Read more at Digiday.