by Stephen Garner

WeSCSwedish streetwear brand WeSC has undergone a radical strategic change in sales during 2016. During the year a number of distributor markets closed to allow a focus on the markets where sales are made through its own sales organization.

The new premium collection has been well received and for 2017 indicates that the U.S. will be the largest market with more than 45 percent of sales for the entire company. These developments mark a significant need for reorganization.

As a result, Joseph Janus, former CEO of WeSC Americas Inc., has been promoted to global CEO of WeSC, with a primary focus on managing the work for sales and distribution, marketing and PR for the entire company.

Janus will work together with those responsible for design and production, both of which are based in Stockholm and the Swedish sales team. Thomas Pouverel will continue to be responsible for the marketing and development of e-commerce in WeSC.

Janus will continue to work primarily from WeSC’s offices in New York, and assumes overall responsibility for guiding the fall/winter 2017 sales development together with the sales team based in Stockholm.

“I very much look forward to my new role as CEO of WeSC,” said Janus. “I am confident that the work that we have undertaken in the U.S. to position and distribute WeSC will work very well in other markets. We have seen success in the U.S. accounts — Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and other retail chains. The corresponding repositioning in the U.S. will yield results in other markets. As CEO of WeSC America over the past two years I have managed to implement a strategy in which a lean organization has been effective and efficient and I think the same will be implemented in our global organization and I look forward to immediately start the work.”