by Brian Lipton

wescStarting with its spring 2018 collection, Swedish sportswear brand WeSC  will offer men’s and women’s clothing lines in one single collection with an expanded increased size range, gender-neutral sizing that has been scaled proportionately to fit both male and female bodies. The new sizing scale will be reflected on garment neck labels and will feature a simple numerical conversion key.

WeSC’s flagship stores will reflect this new direction with the elimination of separate areas for men and women, and the complete range of WeSC product will available to all customers. The newly re-designed WeSC website will also reflect these changes.

“The men’s collections have always been our core business and we find that people, regardless of their gender, gravitate to a singular WeSC aesthetic,” said CEO Joseph Janus. “Since we have offered segments of our product in neutral sizing for about 10 years – including accessories and shoes. It just made sense to finally offer the complete collection in gender neutral sizing. WeSC is progressive in its approach to business.”

WeSC has distribution in over 2,000 doors in 20 countries. The brand has flagship stores in New York City, Sweden, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Athens, Greece, and Lyon, France, and is available at leading retailers including Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue.