WeShop? WeWork Preps A Retail Push

by MR Magazine Staff

WeWork has built a billion-dollar business by convincing professionals to pay for decked out coworking spaces and a sense of community. Entrepreneurs Ali Kriegsman and Alana Branston want to do the same for retail. The pair are co-founders of Bulletin, a young startup that charges female-focused lifestyle brands a monthly membership fee for placement in its retail spaces and on its online marketplace. It raised more than $2 million last year and plans to open a flagship store in New York this spring. But the founders are acutely aware that a behemoth is waiting in the wings: WeWork. “In total transparency, we know that they’re going to penetrate retail, but we don’t know exactly what that means,” Kriegsman told CNN. “We’re eager to see.” Two new job postings seen by CNN suggest Kriegsman is right to assume retail will play a bigger part in WeWork’s growing empire. Read more at CNN Tech.