What André Leon Talley Says About Fashion Says A Lot About How Fashion Has Changed

In the past two months, the novel coronavirus has pushed fashion houses and retailers to the brink. The last bits of the glittery cloud of pomp that once surrounded the industry’s top editors and designers evaporated. The question is not which editors will be gifted with a Condé Nast interest-free real estate loan or a king-size mink blanket, but which ones will be able to keep their jobs. The seating debates over who will have pride of place in the front row of a grand fashion spectacle are moot because there will be no big spectacles for the foreseeable future. The fashion industry is in pain. A better industry might emerge from all the suffering, but right now, from Paris to New York, there’s just an enormous, open wound. Veteran fashion editor André Leon Talley has published a memoir that ostensibly pours salt into the gash. Read more at The Washington Post.