What Do Skateboarders Actually Wear in 2023?

You’re always guaranteed two things during the resort shows: that the handful of fashion houses who do them will whisk attendees to far-flung, zeitgeisty destinations, and that the shows – often no longer than a routine dentist check-up – are as much a social media spectacle as they are a presentation of new clothes. So it was hardly surprising that Gucci’s Cruise 2024 collection in May was debuted at the six-century-old Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, South Korea, or that it became a hot topic in digital discourse across the days that followed.

Inspired by “the global community at the heart of Gucci itself”, the collection referenced subcultures ranging from wavy surfer dudes to Berghain ravers. Still, there was one surprise accessory that grabbed the most likes and reposts (as well as offline attention): a skateboard bag. Read more at Esquire