What Generation Z Means For Online Menswear Stores

by MR Magazine Staff

As much as the Internet loves analyzing the millennial lifestyle, there’s actually a new group of young consumers that are already disrupting everything from new electronic devices to trendy mens clothing online.
Closely following Millennials, Generation Z includes anyone born between 1995 and 2015. Generation Z accounts for approximately 65 million of the current U.S. population with up to $44 billion in spending power, according to a statistic reported by Vision Critical. This multi-billion-dollar spending power raises questions for the future of fashion, especially amongst men’s trendy clothing websites – the fastest-growing clothing industry currently outpacing womenswear. While Gen Z shows a strong, continued interest in men’s clothing websites with fashion clothes for men, that doesn’t mean retailers can keep recycling the same branding strategies that worked for Millennials. Read more at Augusta Free Press.