What Is Desserto Cactus Leather and Is It Sustainable?

In recent years, using vegan leather has become an easy box to tick for brands looking to incorporate eco-friendly materials into their offering. Desserto has joined the ranks of sustainable fabrics on the market, with a growing number of fashion companies experimenting with this cactus-based alternative to cow and fossil fuel-derived synthetic leathers. 

Since launching Desserto in July 2019, the Mexican textile company Adriano Di Marti has partnered with the likes of H&M, watch brand Fossiladidas, and Givenchy, as well as the automotive space, with BMW and Mercedes. Desserto’s star is rapidly rising, with the ambition to become the industry standard for vegan leather. But how exactly do you turn a cactus plant into leather, and is it actually more sustainable than other leathers on the market? Read more at Ecocult