What It’s Really Like To Be Black In The Fashion Industry?

Models, casting agents, and stylists tell us their experiences in the fashion and beauty worlds. Junior Choi, model:

Racism in fashion is more passive, so a common experience I have is being the token black guy or a choice between me or five other guys that ‘look like me’ as designers don’t like to include ‘too many’ PoC in their projects. I’ve had an interesting experience as a black model working in the fashion industry. I like to look at the positives in things so the fact I can inspire others with the things I’ve done is something I appreciate. It has been challenging and it does test my patience in many ways, but it gives me the feeling of accomplishment when I do things that were pretty much impossible for black models not so long ago. Diversity is an important term in fashion and it is necessary. Models need to represent all backgrounds in these clothes they’re on the runway in as there isn’t just one type of customer who purchases these pieces. Read more at The Guardian.