What Retail Apocalypse? 4 Ways Amazon, Samsung, Walgreens And Others Are Preparing For 2026

by MR Magazine Staff

What does a “retail apocalypse” look like? If the predictions are correct, about 145 Malls of America. That’s how many combined stores are projected to close between now and 2026 — 75,000, according to Coresight Research. The advisory firm counts 5,994 announced shutterings just in 2019 so far, beating all of 2018. That much retail real estate, if equated to the Mall of America’s 2.5 million square feet of 520 stores, translates to more than 700 million square feet, or 25 square miles — larger than the city of Manhattan. It’s a troubling image, but instead of wishing this fate away, perhaps we should learn from how retail got to this point, and think about how to better manage its metamorphosis. Read more at Forbes.