What The Characters In Mad Men Would Be Wearing To The Office In 2022

The world, or at least the world of prestige television depicting the morally ambiguous and blindly ambitious 40th floor universe of mid century Midtown advertising, changed in the summer of 2007 with the arrival of Mad Men. Dripping in avarice, good chairs, unchecked ambition, getting hammered at lunchtime, snappy presentations, a deep spiritual malaise that no amount of bonuses or desperate escapes to California can repair. You can’t escape yourself, even in the sunshine; stiff shoulder pads, getting hammered at 5pm and not really liking your spouse, nor they you. Fifteen years, where does it all go? Finlay Renwick revisits Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce’s biggest names to see how they might have updated their looks for the modern world. Read more at GQ.