What The Post-Crash Collections Of Fall 2009 Can Teach Us About Menswear Post-COVID

Typically when covering fashion, you are always looking forward, only rarely can you pause to glance back. But the lockdowns of recent months gave us the luxury of enough time to fully notice this absence within our otherwise pretty damned comprehensive archive of 21st-century fashion shows. Then it dawned on us that it might be worthwhile to look back at this “Lost Season” in an attempt to restore some of what we were missing—maybe just the collection images, and a contextual piece like this one—in order to divine whether there might be any parallels to be drawn with the state of menswear now. After all, back then we were similarly at the tail-end (we hoped then as now) of a historic disruption that affected almost every corner of global society. And because the shape of fashion is symptomatic of society, when society is rapidly altered fashion is duly reshaped. Furthermore, 2009 was another year in which Joe Biden came into the White House, although in an altered, prefiguring capacity. Read more at Vogue.