What To Wear On The #LastDaysOfSummer

by MR Magazine Staff

Summer’s grand finale—a.k.a. Labor Day weekend—is right around the corner and we encourage you to pay homage to the rumpled, lightweight awesomeness that is heat-wave style by packing these staples in your weekend bag. Sure, you might be able to make a few of these items work into the fall months, but it just won’t feel the same. You won’t have sand everywhere (how did it get everywhere?), or the smell of sunscreen on everything. You won’t have a bottomless glass of rosé in one hand and a plate of grilled meat in the other. You probably won’t be as relaxed, either. All of which is to say: You owe it to your near-future self to really go for it this weekend with your wardrobe—and everything else. See more at GQ.