What Would Happen If We Cancelled Fashion Week?

by MR Magazine Staff

Let’s not sugarcoat this: we’re in the midst of a climate emergency. The UK sweltered recently in its hottest day ever, and ‘climate refugees’ worldwide are being displaced while battling severe famines and droughts. All industries are complicit in this crisis, but few more so than fashion. Statistics claiming it’s the world’s second dirtiest industry have been debunked, but that’s hardly the point. From water pollution caused by chemical dyes to the endless cycle of new clothes destined for landfill, the industry needs to change drastically, and soon – as climate scientists estimate we only have 11 years to basically stop the apocalypse. To paraphrase The Devil Wears Prada’s ice queen Miranda Priestly, fashion is everywhere, though; it employs millions, inspires millions more and literally keeps entire economies afloat (Bangladesh’s economy is 85% garment workers). Can things really change? Read more at Dazed.