What’s new? three questions for wrk founder matteo gottardi

by Stephen Garner

NYC-based menswear collection, WRK, recently hosted an intimate after-hours cocktail party to celebrate the unveiling of its most recent installation collaboration with Bklyn Curated as well as its launch of its redesigned website that now incorporates e-commerce with wrkny.com exclusives that cannot be found in any of its wholesale channels. We caught up with WRKNY founder and designer Matteo Gottardi to discuss the changes happening within the brand.

Q. Why did you decide to re-design the website?

A. We’ve found that our overall design philosophy of creating timeless, well-thought-out pieces has really resonated with our customers. It has been exciting to see how the brand has evolved and grown into what it is today, while staying true to brand values. We really took time to identify what should be the next step for the brand. Timing wise, it really made sense to create an online presence as a way to increase brand exposure and reach, as well as to further complement our retail partners.

Q. What does the launch of wrkny.com mean for brand growth?

A. The number one thing is that our online store is the best place customers are able to access the full collection each season, which means they’ll be exposed to a more holistic brand experience. Overall, it will help solidify the brand in the eye of the consumer, and it will give us a chance to really tailor an experience that is completely our own.

Q. What are some of the next steps for the brand?

A. The beautiful thing about wrkny.com is that it is a constant work in progress. We are rolling out our website in phases and have some exciting projects in store that will make for a more curated and interactive customer experience. We are also in the process of introducing some new product categories in the upcoming seasons that we’re really looking forward to.