White Instagram Influencers Are Posing At Protests For Clout

The U.S. is currently facing its biggest uprising in over 50 years, as Black Lives Matter demonstrators take to the streets in protest against police brutality and systemic racism, sparked by the murder of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer last week. Activists are defying curfews all over the country as they continue to clash with police; fires blaze in Washington DC as protesters take Donald Trump to task; and looting has left a number of cities with empty stores. Now, for white Instagram influencers, it seems the latter has provided a new photo opportunity. In one post, two white friends are seen deliberating about whether to join protests. “Let’s get drunk and go,” one writes, and the other replies, “I’m so down. Let me find a riot outfit”. The pair are then seen in a photo on Instagram posing at a demonstration, with the caption: “Plz do ur part but do it safely. #BLM go out there and do ur part we owe it.” Read more at Dazed.

4 Replies to “White Instagram Influencers Are Posing At Protests For Clout”

  1. Just my thoughts but can’t media show more positive heartfelt movements that are out there broken yet strong, proving with love we can succeed, to make this awful time in our history of George Floyd, who made the entire world wake and change. Love conquers all. ….and the hell with these clashing idiots. #BeKind

    1. I agree, Ruth! We are working on that. I believe, that in posting this story, we are informing brands and retailers (even though I know most do) that there are some “influencers” out there who are disingenuous. Stay well!

      1. I apologize, please know certainly not directed at you or MR, but the NY TIMES, DAZED, etc., Thank you for posting that story, certainly woke me as I don’t follow influencers. I do believe positive stories make you feel better and do better :) Love you Stephen xxo

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