Why Amazon And Rival Retailers Are Uniting To Defend The U.S. Postal Service

by MR Magazine Staff

Many U.S. retailers may hate and fear Amazon.com, but their shared interest in making sure the U.S. Postal Service continues to offer “reliable and affordable” package delivery — critical to all retailers in this age of growing e-commerce — tops all that regular business enmity. Amazon and the National Retail Federation, the top retail trade group representing retailers including Walmart and Target, have joined with other individual retailers and businesses to create the Package Coalition, a lobbying group seeking to educate and give facts about the state of the USPS’s package business. (Amazon is also an NRF member.) The news of the advocacy group, announced Wednesday, came ahead of a report expected to be released later this week from a task force President Trump created in an April executive order to study the money-losing U.S. Postal Service for possible reform. Trump has also publicly attacked Amazon in many tweets, including calling the USPS Amazon’s “delivery boy” and reportedly suggesting without any evidence that the special rate break that Amazon and other package shippers got led to the USPS’s loss. Read more at Forbes.