Why Amazon Go Could Swoop Into Airport Retail

by Stephen Garner

A new frontier for Amazon Go stores may be opening. The retail giant is exploring the debut of its techy, scan-and-go shops at airports, according to a report by Reuters. So far, Amazon has opened seven brick-and-mortar locations in Seattle, Chicago and San Francisco. And on Monday, The Telegraph of Britain reported the company is looking for new sites in London. Retail and airport experts agree that the Amazon Go model could bring a major boon to the company and airport shopping as a whole. As for existing airport stores looking for faster ways to get shoppers to their gates? Amazon could bring new competition to the terminal, they say. Amazon declined to comment for this story. But experts also say that airports would just become the latest space for Amazon to cut down on employees in exchange for automated technology. And they say that could help Amazon set prices well below other airport convenience stores. Read more at The Washington Post.