by Karen Alberg Grossman

She started working at Andrisen Morton, Denver’s renowned menswear store, during college breaks, joining full-time in 2007.  “I always had a passion for clothing, fashion, and people but had planned to work in finance. After college, I got offered a job with an investment firm in Denver. But several close friends challenged me to re-evaluate and I ended up moving to NYC to begin a career in fashion.”

Here, we speak with Andrisen Morton’s multi-talented VP/GMM Lindsay Morton Gaiser about pandemic strategy and what she’s learned working in a family business.

Q: How’s business?

A: Our business is hanging in: not great but better than we had planned, which is a win. We’re all looking for the little wins these days, right? I am not sure there’s a visible light at the end of the tunnel just yet, but we are cautiously optimistic that things will improve over an arc of time. I’m not sure what that timeline is, but this too shall pass.

Q: What strategic changes are you making going forward?

A: We’re pivoting in many ways, not unlike our entire industry. Currently, we’re strategizing on how to make our made-to-measure trunk shows meaningful without our great reps having to travel to be physically present. We’re talking about virtual meetings and showcasing our reps on a virtual platform during trunk shows.

Q: Have you been able to cut expenses since the pandemic?

A: We’ve implemented a financial plan on all levels of the business that will ensure a bright future.

Q: How important is online?

A: We’ve completely changed our strategy on e-commerce: we launched an online selling platform in June! It took some planning and reflection on the future of our business during our closure. I called my dad one day and said, “That’s it, we’re launching an e-commerce site as soon as it’s possible!” We’ve gotten a nice reaction thus far and will continue to add styles as we land fall 2020 product.

Q: What’s been selling this summer and where are you investing for fall?

A: Our sportswear business is significantly stronger than our tailored clothing right now. No one is going to the office! The main categories trending are shorts, jersey t-shirts, polos, and athleisure. We’ve sold some clothing as our restaurants and clubs have slowly opened but not enough to really move the needle towards a trend.

Q: Your thoughts on spring 2021?

A: Spring 2021 will be very telling for us. However, I look at spring 2020 and we lost 2.5 months in sales volume so really, there’s nowhere to go but up!

Q: What’s your take on digital trade shows?

A: We’ve worked a lot of virtual appointments for spring 2021 and they are very effective. All of our great vendors have pivoted and made the virtual buying experience seamless. As a merchant, I will always want to physically be in the market–touching, feeling, and trying on product. But we’re all doing the best we can with what we’ve got!

Q: In general, what are you most worried about? What are you most optimistic about?

A: These days, I try really hard not to worry. Instead, I’m keeping my chin up and keeping our business front of mind at all times. Our job is to continue to cultivate our customer base, offer excellent product and service, and procure the best merchandise out there. And I’ve got good news for everyone in our industry: Christmas and the holidays are not canceled! We can all smile a bit about that.

Q: What have you learned from store founders Craig Andrisen and your dad Dave Morton?

A: I’ve learned so much from both of these amazing men! I could go on and on…

My father has taught me about discipline and financial prudence. He’s taught me how to obsess about customers and read reports every moment of every day! He’s also taught me humility, how to listen well, and work hard always.

One word sums up what I’ve learned from Craig: FUN! He’s taught me to find the levity in every situation and not to take things too seriously. Craig has impeccable taste when we’re in the market. He’s taught me to pay attention to the details–from fabric content to quality of zippers to new lines.

They’re both one in a million and I’m grateful to continue learning from them!


  1. Great interview and I love Lindsay’s positivity!

  2. All sounds wonderful Linsay! Pls pass my regards along to David, Craig, Mark & the rest of your crew. Miss working w/ you.

    Who luvs ya?!

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