Why Anime Is Menswear’s Next Big Obsession

by MR Magazine Staff

Anime has long been nerd territory. And why wouldn’t it be: towering mechas, the art of universe-saving and unrealistically proportioned women are but three common tropes of Japanese animation. That’s not to say it’s devoid of substance, of course. Films like Perfect Blue and Ghost In The Shell have earned rave reviews for their sophisticated symbolism, subtext and plot lines that put Hollywood to shame. Still: in Britain anime has only ever really enjoyed acknowledgment from die-hard film buffs, or when the West fancies itself a remake (and the less said about that the better). Until now. A series of menswear collaborations have shown that fashion is increasingly looking towards anime for inspiration. And not a diluted or warped runway take, but pieces emblazoned with anime heroes of the darker variety: Studio Ghibli tribute, this is not. Read more at Esquire.