Why Fashion Brand Success Stories Are So Few And Far Between In Canada

by MR Magazine Staff

In a country rife with talented fashion designers, you can practically count the number of iconic international brands on one hand. There are the pioneers, such as Simon Chang and Peter Nygård, who have become global branding empires; next generation entrants such as Kimberley-Newport Mimran of Pink Tartan fame, a label that is making waves in the Canadian and international fashion scenes. Then there are newcomers, such as Sid Neigum, hot off a series of successful fashion show competition wins and making a move outside Canadian borders with his first international showing at London Fashion Week this February. But brand success stories are few and far between. One of the first to break the barriers was Alfred Sung. “When we met Alfred in 1979, there were no international brands. So we made it our mission to develop something we could export and license in time,” said Saul Mimran, president of Mimran Group Inc. and co-founder of the Alfred Sung brand. Read more at Financial Post.