Why (male) bankers wear the wrong clothes in hot weather

If you’re sweltering in the heat of a North European city and wondering when it becomes acceptable to relinquish all sartorial standards in pursuit of comfort, then the answer is possibly never.

There are ways of dressing well in the heat that do not involve cargo shorts or visible flesh. It’s just that many people are unaware of them, says Ben Mayer, a tailor to bankers in the Northern Hemisphere.

Mayer is based in Berlin with Tom James & Company, but he dresses bankers in Frankfurt and London. He says standards can be maintained in extreme temperatures and that off-the-shelf is not the way to go.

When you buy a standard jacket, even if it’s cotton or linen, it will have a fatal flaw, says Mayer: “99% of jackets in the world have a ‘fused canvas.’ This means that the internal structure or canvas that give the jacket shape and structure that you find in between the external and internal layers is glued or “fused” into place. This results in limited breathability and will trap heat – turning it into a kind of sauna jacket!” Read more at efinancial careers.

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