Why Michael Strahan Is Betting Big On Workleisure Clothes

Forget athleisure. GMA host Michael Strahan‘s all about “workleisure,” the moniker he’s betting on for his recently launched men’s collection. MSX by Michael Strahan brings a mix of updated wardrobe essentials, with a trimmer fit and fashioned in high-tech materials often borrowed from athletic apparel to respond to the ever-blurring lines between the workday and off-hours. “We want to be the one-stop-shop for today’s man,” says Constance Schwartz-Morini, co-founder (with Strahan) and managing partner of SMAC Entertainment. “We are looking at these hybrid categories and trying to keep up with the consumer as fast as we can,” she says. “They are going from working at home with maybe your polo on top and sweatpants on bottom to now having to go back to the office. The pandemic opened up a whole new category and we’re rolling with it. Stretch is the key.” Read more at The Hollywood Reporter.