Why Sustainable Menswear Is Never Out Of Style

Sustaining things over time is one of life’s great joys: relationships, good health, suit measurements. Now more than ever is the time to reflect on what we have and maintain fewer, better things. The most admired chefs of our time, from Alice Waters to Eric Ripert to Dan Barber, compose seemingly simple dishes of impeccably sourced food that support an entire ecosystem. An indulgent meal at Barber’s flagship restaurant Blue Hill at Stone Barns captures this perfectly: It’s natural food on the highest level, sourced from the farm that is right outside. We pay increasing amounts of attention to the sourcing of our food, but what about our attire? The ethos of farm-to-table dining mirrors one that is generations old but still practiced by a coterie of designers, tailors, and fabric mills who are fighting the good fight against the problematic manufacturing of fast fashion. Read more at Fortune.