Why ‘The New York Times’ Is Going All In On Merch

by MR Magazine Staff

The New York Times has long been known for releasing groundbreaking investigative reports about everything from the president’s tax history to Harvey Weinstein’s harassment allegations. But the 167-year-old newspaper isn’t exactly famous for dropping fashion-forward merchandise that could plausibly be found at a tour booth alongside that of Travis Scott. In November, the paper of record launched its Holiday 2018 collection — which is comprised of dozens of products — available on its site as well as on Need Supply, building upon its two-decades-old revamped NYTStore. We’re used to seeing media brands pivot to video, but not so much to clothing. So, what gives? You might think it’s because “the failing New York Times” needs to find new ways to make money. It doesn’t, for now. Steve Mayne, paper’s executive director of commerce, says that while revamping the company’s store adds profitability to its bottom line, there’s no pressure to build a huge revenue stream from it. Read more at Fashionista.