Why The Old Way Of Doing Retail Is Collapsing

by MR Magazine Staff

The seismic changes affecting retail has everybody talking. The fashion industry in particular always seems to be a topic of discussion when it comes to analyzing things like department stores, seasonal models and direct-to-consumer brands. Perhaps the reason why there’s so much discourse around the retail landscape in fashion as a whole is because it’s been slower than other industries in reacting to change. Fashion as an institution is steeped in tradition and, as a business, is predominantly tied to a long-adhered-to seasonal calendar as well as a complex web of distribution and selling rooted in wholesale. These themes are the main points of conversation that unfold across various B2B conferences, summits and seminars. Adam Pritzker, chairman and chief executive officer of Assembled Brands, understands the forces and changes in fashion as well as anyone. The company he founded is built on providing working capital and financial services to a collection of emerging consumer brands that together can benefit from the company’s centralized network, sharing important resources and data. Read more at Forbes.