Why u.s. brands flourish in europe

by MR Magazine Staff

If there’s a point where the perceptions of politics and brands intersect, this murky crossroads barely registers on the global stage. The imprint of President Trump on U.S. foreign policy may arouse debate and dissent in the UK and the EU, but the positive perception of American brands in these markets remains strong. “I’m of the view that if Apple was a North Korean brand, people would still love it and buy it regardless of where it originated,” says Tim Wragg, CEO of the Insights Division at Kantar North America. “Our own research shows of the top 10 global brands in the BrandZ Global Top 100, 8 are US-based companies which operate and communicate globally including in Europe. Many of the top US brands, like Google, McDonald’s, Visa, Apple, and Mastercard are often performing better in the likes of UK, France, and Germany than in the US market. For example, 6 out the top 10 healthiest foreign brands in France are American brands.” Read more at Forbes.