Why Your New Shopping Mantra Should Be “Buy Better, Buy Less”

A few weeks ago I stopped by the GQ offices at One World Trade Center for the first time since the Work From Home era began. When I got there, a conundrum: During WFH I got used to working while standing up at a tall dresser, so I needed to find some way to quickly transform my old wooden office desk into a stand-up number too. I looked around and the answer was right in front of me: my Vitsoe 621 nesting side tables. I grabbed them from their usual spot beside my couch and put them both on top of the desk. I put my computer on one, my keyboard and mouse on the other. Perfect. If you’re not familiar with Vitsoe, it’s a company founded in 1959 that makes furniture by the great German industrial designer Dieter Rams—the man who brought impeccable, accessible design to the masses in the ’60s with his groundbreaking home electronics for Braun. Rams famously boiled his design philosophy down to three words: “Less, but better.” Read more at GQ.

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  1. Thank you Stephen for this great read, and as always getting the word out.
    Love the word sustainable to which this time in everyones life all should heed to, and always believed in “BUY BETTER, BUY LESS”!

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