Wide Boys: The New Silhouette In Menswear

by MR Magazine Staff

As with all menswear trends, what was once achingly unhip and relegated to the back of our wardrobes can, through the alchemy of time passing and selective memory, become hip once again. It’s like our love of dirty burgers and fat fries or TV cartoon families, we just reach back for them when needed.

It took foresight to hold onto our generously cut clothing of old. Snug cuts have become the style norm for guys. Understandable then, if your pleat-fronted khakis, wide-legged pants and generous Polo shirts were packed off to a thrift store back in 2006. Well, it’s time to be slapped about by generously cut clothes again and the new spirit is affecting the full gamut of men’s fashion, from suits to sportswear and all bases in between. For the devotees of skinny, there’s nowhere to hide. Read more at The Observer.