The Wider Tie Is Creeping Back Into Menswear

by MR Magazine Staff

Wider is better—or at least it looks that way right now. That’s because just about everything in menswear, from pants and sneakers to hair and outerwear, is being shown bigger and looser than it’s been in a long time. We’re not just talking about baggy sweats here, either. We’re talking about tailoring, too; the wider tie and fatter jacket lapels have been adopted by designers, while suit pants are starting to have a little more give as well. Some runway trends never quite catch on, but it doesn’t look like the wide-tie thing will be one of them. At the end of last year, everyman brand J.Crew casually increased the width of its ties (and lapels, too), for example, and the look has been all over the red carpet recently as well. Just last week, two menswear heavy-hitters, Jake Gyllenhaal and Luke Evans, wore extra-wide ties for press events—big, fat, 3-4-inchers at that. Read more at GQ.