Will Advocacy Journalism Ignite A Media Renaissance?

by MR Magazine Staff

From Black Lives Matter and the highly debated 2016 U.S. presidential election to the recent ban of Terry Richardson within the fashion industry, activism and social awareness has catapulted into the forefront of cultural discussion, particularly among younger generations. The act of protest has quickly worked its way into our collective consciousness; whereas activism used to be associated with a fringe of adamant movers and shakers, now, slogans like the Human Rights Campaign’s “Make America Gay Again” and Public School‘s “Make America New York“ showcase the birth of a socially conscious generation. Decidedly marking the shifting times is the launch of Conde Nast’s new LGBTQ media brand, them. The platform—first of its kind at Condé Nast—operates as an independent entity under the leadership of chief content officer, Phillip Picardi. At only 26, Picardi also serves as digital editorial director of Allure and Teen Vogue, where alongside Marie Suter and Elaine Welteroth, he has developed an astute penchant for publishing content in tune with modern youth rhetoric. Together, the trio has confronted topics ranging from anal sex to systemic sexism and rape, placing importance on conversations that conventional society once deemed taboo. Read more at Hypebeast.