Will athleisure continue to grow in 2020?

by Steve Pruitt

Q: Do you think the athleisure trend will continue to grow in 2020? I saw that Lululemon just posted strong results and I am curious to know if I can expect the same with the athleisure brands I carry in menswear.

Steve Pruitt: We could only wish for performance similar to Lululemon in men’s. That said, athleisure brands are a growth opportunity. The trick to making it work is in how you present the merchandise. Your customer needs to be able to relate to the looks, and to see a way to integrate them into their lifestyle.

In many cases athleisure is “casual wear” made from active fabrications. A great example is Peter Millar’s active polo. This is a polo that most guys can relate to, but made in great stretch fabrics. The same is happening with five pocket casual pants. Five pocket is a very understandable model, so when you add in stretch fabrics for comfort and drape, it creates a hot look.

As we head toward fall, keep an eye on active outerwear looks. Again, look for something very understandable, but with active fabrics. As with all fashion trends, it is the way you put it together for your clients that counts.

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