Will.i.am Moves Wearables Off The Wrist With The Help Of Apple

by MR Magazine Staff

Wearable technology is finally beginning to go beyond the wrist. “Why should you have to take off your earphones when you finish listening to something and put them back in a box or bag, instead of just wearing them around your neck like jewelry?” That was Will.i.am, the musician/TV personality/entrepreneur, co-founder of the Black Eyed Peas, and founder of i.am+, a wearable technology company with a focus on youth education, during an interview by telephone while traveling by car from Manchester, England, to London. It is the kind of question that, when voiced (especially by a coach of “The Voice UK”), seems enormously obvious, but, apparently, has not occurred to any of us to ask. And it clearly reflects some of the issues in bridging the gulf between fashion and technology: It’s not the products that are the problem, but figuring out what the products should be and what we want our stuff to do. The question did occur, however, to Will.i.am, whose full name is William Adams. So he created an answer. Read more at The New York Times.