Will recent market volatility affect consumer demand this holiday season?

by Steve Pruitt

Q: Do you think that recent stock market volatility, and slower than expected retail sales in September are signs that we will see less consumer demand this fall/holiday season? I know the economy overall is strong, but I’m wondering if external forces could shake consumer confidence.

Steve Pruitt: Good question. It will be important to watch the corporate reporting season to understand the psychological effects on consumer confidence. In terms of retail sales, our clothing merchants are still posting gains, so not every sector is feeling the pinch.

That said, I still feel positive about the holiday period. But, be conservative when it comes to next spring, and even more so for fall ’19. Remember, slowdowns are a normal part of the retail cycle.

What’s important now is to take advantage of the current upswing. Land quality products often, and keep your marketing machine churning.

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