by Stephen Garner

Willy Chavarria presented his spring/summer 2020 collection at Root NYC on Wednesday evening. Guests enjoyed specialty cocktails at the transformed Root Studio space prior to the runway show.

Chavarria approaches the spring ‘20 season with a new take on minimalism. A quiet approach to silhouette and drape, double layer satin styles combine with washed denim to create a message of elegance.

Inspired by the New York house and disco scene of the early ‘90s with a tough edge, the collection is both masculine and refined. Graphics and Peruvian cotton knitwear layer to create mood and excitement.

ChrisHabana and Chavarria expand their ongoing jewelry collaboration this season with two fresh perspectives. A satirical view of luxury featuring leather-wrapped chains and crystals, representing vapid decadence; the other presenting a tough skin through the use of barbed wire.

New this season, Chavarria teams up with K-Swiss to create a vision of ‘90s California Chicano Tennis Prep. For Chavarria, the K-Swiss collection evolved from what the rich kids in high school wore while playing tennis, to what the Cholos wore with oversized khakis and tall white socks.

The Classic 2000 sneaker is custom made for the runway, designed by Chavarria and K-Swiss and meticulously brought to life by Ceeze.

In this collection, Chavarria takes elements of his history with K-Swiss, connecting the original high-brow tennis classic with a ‘90s Chicano rave vibe and washed out Cali-neon colors. Soft, chunky fleece jersey all heavily washed for the perfect slouch. Cozy and approachable silhouettes are all designed with the Chavarria DNA.