With One Pearl Necklace, Vivienne Westwood Revolutionized Men’s Fashion for Gen-Z

The name Vivienne Westwood is synonymous with iconoclasm, with rebellion, with the subversion of norms and the bold, brash intrusion of punk. The iconic designer died on December 29, 2022 at the age of 81. Her legacy is well known—and well deserved. (If you’re unfamiliar, begin educating yourself here.)

But upon hearing the news of her passing, my thoughts didn’t immediately turn to SEX, the infamous London boutique she opened in 1971 with Malcom McLaren, the equally infamous manager of the Sex Pistols (who, yeah, she dressed). Nor did I find myself pondering her activist work, her later collections, or her vast and undeniable influence on fashion over the last half a century. Read more at Esquire.