What Women Really Think Of Your Trendy Menswear

by MR Magazine Staff

It can’t be argued; we’ve reached peak menswear. Well, it can be argued, but then you’d be ignoring the thousands of blog pages dedicated to pocket squares, the miles-long lines outside Supreme, the peacock parade on Instagram, and the many stories on this very site. For better or worse, men really care about their clothes. So much so that they don’t always pay attention to what the opposite sex thinks about them. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing; fashion, after all, is about self-expression.

But for some guys, knowing whether or not that Rick Owens tunic is the real reason for their romantic dry spell might be a welcome insight. In the interest of open sartorial communication, we’ve asked three stylish women—Style Girlfriend founder Megan Collins (left), Elle.com deputy editor Ruthie Friedlander (center), and Refinery29 fashion features director Connie Wang (right)—to wax poetic over the current big trends in menswear. Whether you’re into dub monks and camel coats or fresh kicks and joggers, here’s what the fairer sex really thinks about what you’re wearing. Read more at Esquire.